Apart from playing a lot of tunes from sheet music (this is very effective) you now have another way of improving your reading speed using custom designed Windows software developed by me personally in Visual Basic. The name of the program is Speed Up! and is freeware. You can select to practice reading using either the G clef or F clef or randomly switching between them. A random note is displayed and your job is to name it. I haven't included sharps or flats or different key signatures since the main problem is to quickly locate the name of the note. This takes some practice especially below or above the five standard lines. I have also included two selectable ranges for the treble (usually the G clef) and the bass (usually the F clef). I frequently use this program to 'get in shape' when I know there's going to be a lot of sight-reading, e.g. when practicing in our local accordion club. This is how the program looks like:

IMPORTANT! - You must also have VBRUN300.DLL in your Windows\System directory since this is a Visual Basic Application. If you by any chance don't have this file (if you can't run my program), VBRUN300.DLL is available from Microsoft.

Speed Up!Download Speed Up! (12k)

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