Bälgaspel vid landsvägskanten

(Ransäter Accordion Festival)

The festival is held in Ransäter in Sweden every summer in the beginning of July (July 4-8 in 2007) and is probably the biggest accordion festival in the world with more than 200 accordion orchestras. And don't forget the Walter Eriksson Musikfest at Vasa Park on Budd Lake, New Jersey, USA

Information about The Ransäter Accordion Festival

You may order videos from the festivals (only PAL I guess) from www.sansbildarkiv.se.

Snapshots from the videos. Pictures and sound files!

VDF doesn't have an email address yet however but Bengt Hedman, bengt.hedman@coninsa.se, is willing to help you through email.

Let's look at a map of the main festival area (Swedish text)

There are appearances on several stages simultaneously and a lot of dance activity in the evenings. There are professional players as well as amateurs and they all gather together to play everywhere on and between the stages and in tents and caravans at the huge camp.

The main events of the 1996 festival
Friday, Ransäter church and teaterscen1
Friday, teaterscen2
Friday, dance
Saturday, dance
Saturday, teaterscen1
Saturday, teaterscen2
Sunday, teaterscen1

Some standard Swedish tunes are played together to start the main events each day. Every squeezer that participates in this play-together gets this badge to put on the trunk:

Here are some very talented young players gathered to play traditional Swedish accordion music by e.g. Carl Jularbo. This session was arranged by Frosinisällskapet (The Frosini Society).

Listen to them - RealAudio stream or download frs.au (456k)
They're playing part of "I don't care" by Guido Deiro.
Look at a list of the other tunes they were playing.

This is Johan Kullberg, a young and very talented musician who plays both the durspel (diatonic) and the accordion. He has been the champion in many competitions for the durspel, especially at Ransäter. I've recorded a Zydeco Pot-pourri that Johan and his friends performed at Ransäter 1996. I recorded this with a small recorder that I had in my pocket. I've asked Johan for the permission to include the recording on this page and it was O.K. The picture quality is unfortunately rather poor.
johank.wav (the complete tune - 2241k)
johank288.ram (RealAudio 28.8 stream)
johanks.wav (last part of the tune - 496k)
johankt.wav (part of the part..... - 165k)

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