My compositions for the Accordion

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The accordion tunes are available in various formats and depending on when they were recorded. Please be free to send me your version, it´s very interesting to hear other players perform my compositions!
Title Type Year Tune Notation Recordings made by others
Helgvalsen (Holiday Waltz) Waltz 2011 Helgvalsen.mp3, YouTube Helgvalsen.pdf  
Flygareschottis (Aviator's Schottis) Schottis 2011 YouTube Flygareschottis.pdf  
Gladpolka (Happy Polka) Polka 2011 YouTube Gladpolka.pdf  
Dagens gånglåt (Today's Walking Tune) Gånglåt 2011 YouTube Dagensganglat.pdf  
Junivalsen (June Waltz) Waltz 2011 YouTube Junivalsen.pdf  
Lornas Snoa Snoa 2011 YouTube Lornassnoa.pdf  
Midsommarvalsen (Midsummer Waltz) Waltz 2010 YouTube Later...  
Leas vals (Leah's Waltz) Waltz 2009 Leas vals.mp3 (1183k) Later...  
Försommarvals (Early Summer Waltz) Waltz 2009 Forsommarvals.mp3 (1562k) Forsommarvals.pdf Lorna Pollock
Hjulsbrovalsen (Hjulsbro Waltz) Waltz 2009 Hjulsbrovalsen.mp3 (951k) Hjulsbrovalsen.pdf Lorna Pollock
Låtgå! (Let go!) Gånglåt 2009 Latga.mp3 (897k) Latga.pdf Lorna Pollock
Hahambo Hambo 2009 HaHambo.mp3 (1112k) HaHambo.pdf  
Vårbäcken (Spring Creek) Waltz 2009 Varbacken.mp3 (884k) Varbacken.pdf  
Semestersnoa (Vacation Snoa) Snoa 2008 Semestersnoa.mp3 (1175k) Semestersnoa.pdf  
Semesterhambo (Vacation Hambo) Hambo 2008 Semesterhambo.mp3 (1403k) Semesterhambo.pdf  
Landerrydsschottis Schottis 2008 Landerydsschottis (1102k) Landerydsschottis.pdf  
Uddaschottis (Odd Schottis) Schottis 2008 Uddaschottis.mp3 (1100k) Uddaschottis.pdf  
Rabarberschottis (Rubarb Schottis) Schottis 2008 Rabarberschottis.mp3 (1214k) Rabarberschottis.pdf Lorna Pollock
Stämningsvalsen (Mood Waltz) Waltz 2007 Stamningsvalsen.mp3 (1114k) Stamningsvalsen.pdf Lorna Pollock
Min kära (My love) Waltz 2007 Min kära.mp3 (1089k) Min_kara.pdf  
Kvinnebysnoa Snoa 2007 Kvinnebysnoa.mp3 (1136k) Kvinnebysnoa.pdf Lorna Pollock
Kvinnebyschottis Schottis 2007 Kvinnebyschottis.mp3 (1348k)    
Kvinnebyhambo Hambo 2007 Kvinnebyhambo.mp3 (1499k) Kvinnebyhambo  
Kvinnebyvalsen Waltz 2007 Kvinnebyvalsen2.mp3 (1739k)    
What´s on your mind, my beloved friend? Waltz 2005 vadtankerdupa.mp3 (1098k)    
Livsglädje (Joy of life) Waltz 2003 (936k)    
Gurka (Cucumber) Mazurka 1999 Gurka3.mp3 (711k)    
Roxen-Schottis Schottis 1999 (527k)    
Roxen-Polka Polka 1998 Roxen-Polka2.mp3 (716k)    
Hambo and Waltz to Andreas Hambo/Waltz 1997 andreas.mp3 (548k) HamboOchValsTillAndreas.pdf  
Lambo-Hambo Hambo 1997 lambo.mp3 (640k) See old notation below  
Dragspelsvår (Accordion Spring) Waltz 1997 spring.mp3 (1721k) See old notation below  
Tango Cerise Tango 1997 cerise.mp3 (964k) See old notation below  
Måndagsvalsen (The Monday Waltz) Waltz 1997 mv.mp3 (942k) See old notation below Lorna Pollock
Dokument1 (Document1) Gånglåt 1997 dok1.mp3 (550k) See old notation below  
Ko-Polka (Cow Polka) Polka 1996 (477k) See old notation below Lorna Pollock, Jonas
Gottis-schottis (Candy Schottis) Schottis 1996 (483k) See old notation below  
Vafalls, ännu en vals! (Yet another waltz) Waltz 1996 vafalls.mp3 (1089k) See old notation below Lorna Pollock
Fina Karina (Sweet Karina) Waltz 1995 (407k) See old notation below  
Flängpolka (Flying Polka) Polka 1995 (549k) See old notation below  
Amanda Snoa 1995 amanda2.mid (4k) See old notation below  
Carolinas Hambo Hambo 1993 carolina2.mid (5k) See old notation below  


I get many questions about how I produce the notation for my tunes, I currently don´t prioritize production of notation for my accordion music but if you really need it, I might do it on request.
Title Type Year Draft 300 DPI Postscript
Lambo-Hambo Hambo 1997 lambo.gif (6k) lambo300.gif (67k) lambo.eps (105k)
Dragspelsvår (Accordion Spring) Waltz 1997 spring.gif (16k) spring300.gif (204k) spring.eps (319k)
Tango Cerise Tango 1997 cerise.gif (9k) cerise300.gif (115k) cerise.eps (123k)
Måndagsvalsen (The Monday Waltz) Waltz 1997 mv.gif (9k) mv300.gif (139k) mv.eps (242k)
Dokument1 (Document1) Gånglåt 1997 dok1.gif (8k) dok1300.gif (99k) dok1.eps (135k)
Ko-Polka (Cow Polka) Polka 1996 kopolka.gif (11k) kp300.gif (147k) kopolka.eps (161k)
Gottis-schottis (Candy Schottis) Schottis 1996 gottiss2.gif (9k) gs300.gif (107k) gottis3.eps (131k)
Vafalls, ännu en vals! (Yet another waltz) Waltz 1996 vafalls.gif (9k) vf300.gif (107k) vafalls2.eps (146k)
Fina Karina (Sweet Karina) Waltz 1995 finakari3.gif (6k) fk300.gif (78k) finakar4.eps (173k)
Flängpolka (Flying Polka) Polka 1995 flangp2.gif (11k) fp300.gif (144k) flangp2.eps (257k)
Amanda Snoa 1995 amanda2.gif (11k) am300.gif (167k) amanda3.eps (226k)
Carolinas Hambo Hambo 1993 carolina2.gif (10k) ch300.gif (144k) carolina3.eps (170k)


Fred Dunn has an impressive collection of his own compositions to see and hear using the scorch (Sibelius) plugin.

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