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International links
Jeroen Nijhof's "Accordion Links" Page Jeroen has the by far best collection of links to squeezebox related information on the web. The pages are updated very often. Get answers to your questions and meet a lot of fellow squeezers!
Accordions Worldwide Contains a lot of information like Weekly News (in English, German, French and Italian) published every Friday and the Accordion Yellow Pages Database of the Internet. They are unfortunately dependent on commercial services and they don't have "real links" (just plain text) except to their own pages and to their customers pages.
Phoebe Senger's "Accordiana" Page Phoebe's page is one of the oldest (and best) accordion pages on the web. Among other things it has a link to the Accordion FAQ by Alan Polivka.
Wendy's page Very nice page with a lot of interesting information about e.g. how to select your accordion, how to take care of your accordion etc.
The Squeezebox Sound Clips Page A nice collection of sound files submitted by squeezebox players around the world.
Domenic's Accordion Beatles Page Enjoy listening to Domenic's recordings of himself playing Beatles music on the accordion.
Free Reeds Links to artists and accordion pages.
The Classical Free-Reed by Henry Doktorski "A nonprofit educational and cultural organization dedicated to the advancement of the free-reed instruments * in classical music." 

* ie., accordion & bayan, concertina & bandoneon, harmonium & reed organ, harmonica, etc.

Among other things you'll find The Free-Reed Review - Critiques of Compact Discs, Books and Music Scores

Ernest Deffner Inc Online Accordion Music Catalog. "A huge selection of over 5,000 titles to choose from that includes all types and styles of accordion music"
Sheet Music Plus Featured Sale Huge selection of sheet music, including accordion sheet music.
The ABC Homepage Software and music collections in the popular ABC format.
MIDI Search Looking for a MID file for a certain tune? Try this page!
Shareware Music Machine This is great page with software for the following platforms:
Windows 98/95/NT, Windows 3.1, Macintosh, BeOS, Linux, DOS, OS/2 and Atari.
Notation Software, Inc Download a free copy of MidiNotate, a great tool for producing notation from a MIDI file.
Partitura Music shop with a large stock of sheet music, songbooks, musicvideos, music gifts, folkinstruments and more.
Fred Dunn's Accordion Home Page See and hear Fred's great compositions using the advanced "scorch" plugin.


Scandinavian links
Note: The Swedish version of this page has much more links to Swedish sites, check them out if you're able to read Swedish or if you're just interested in looking at pictures of the instruments, listening to accordion music etc.
Karlssons Musik Large selection of new and used accordions.
Norilds Musikk The major source for Scandinavian accordion music. They sell CD's, sheet music and also instruments.
AB Joles Pelles Fabriker A lot of information and pictures regarding the Joles Pelles accordion manufacturing 1945-1955. Also contains some sheet music for download.


The Accordion is also known as Acordeao, Accordeon, *Accordéon, Accordian, Acordion, Akkordeon, Armonica, *Armonica a manticino, Armonika, *Bajan, Bandoneon, Bassetti, *Bayan, Buzika, Dragharmonika, Dragspel, Dragspil, *Drängkammarorgel, Fisarmonica, Garmon, Garmonik, Garmoshka, *Gombos harmonika, Handharmonika, Hanuri, Handklaver, Harmonika, Harmonikka, *Klavier-Harmonika, Lindanda, Lootspill, *Mello-Piano, Organetto, Pedalowka, Realejo, Sanfona, Steirisch, Squeezebox, *Sun-Fin-Chin, Transichord, Trekharmonika, Trekkspill, Trekzak, Schwyzerorgeli, Ziehharmonika

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Some relatives to the Accordion are Concertina, Diatonic, Durspel, Durspill, Konzertina, Melodeon, Torader

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