Inside an Accordion

I've kept my first accordion for sentimental reasons. It's not very playable since it consumes very much air. It doesn't weigh much though and I'm planning to add the appropriate hardware and use it as a MIDI controller and maybe also remove the reed blocks to loose further weight. Until then I couldn't resist taking it apart and take pictures that could be interesting for those who don't dare to open their own instruments.

Let's see what we have here..

This is a Granesso five row chromatic accordion. It has two sets of reeds on the treble side (three register buttons). There are no register buttons on the bass side but four sets of reeds are used for the basses and two of those sets are also used when playing chords.

Now let's take it apart

From left to right you can see the grill, the treble side, the bellows, the bass side and the bass lid.

Let's take a closer look

Follow the links below to see more details.

The treble side The bellows The bass side

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